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There are certain basic principles upon which every successful website must be built, certain invariable elements which it must contain. If it is to take the place of a salesman and do what a good salesman would do, it must follow a line of procedure in making a written sale just as a salesman does in making a verbal one. It must win for itself an audience and follow the steps of the sale exactly as the salesman does when he talks face to face with his prospect, leading him gradually, tactfully through certain definite processes up to the desired action.  

For this reason every design architecture and sentence that goes into your website should have a reason for being there. The sole reason is to get action and non-essentials simply detract from its directness. Your prospect has no time to mess with them. It is the easiest thing in the world to develop a website that goes rambling from one topic to another without getting anywhere in particular.

But good website design has a definite end in mind. Consider now the good website. It must proceed through certain steps. It must be based logically upon the principles of salesmanship. It must contain:

  • The opening wins the visitor's attention and prompts him to go farther into the site.
  • Description & explanation, gains his interest by picturing the proposition in his mind.
  • Argument or proof creates a desire for your product/service, showing the value and advantages.
  • Persuasion draws the visitor to your way of thinking by showing the adaptation of your product/service to his needs and his need of it now.
  • Inducement, gives him a particular or extra reason for acting.
  • The climax or clincher makes it easy for the visitor to act and prompts him to do so at once.

We at Catabatic ensure these basic elements are incorporated into your website. We build your website with the needs of your likely prospects clearly in mind. Your website will not merely offer your products and services; it will offer a captivating experience!

We help companies, start-ups, travel agencies and big brands to enhance their online presence. We offer end to end digital marketing solutions to our clients globally.

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